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Chittagong is the second-largest city of Bangladesh. It is located at the estuary of the Karnaphuli River in southeastern Bangladesh. It faces the Bay of Bengal to its west. The city has a population of over 6.5 million people.
Water-logging is one of the major problem of Chittagong. The Chaktai Khal (canal) known as the sorrow of Chittagong creates immense problem to the residents of the port city Chittagong particularly during the rainy season following the overflow of the rain water. It may be mentioned that the six kilometers long Chaktai Khal had been filled up with hilly mud and sands rolling down from the upper side of the canal. As a result rainwater usually over-flow from the canal flooding both sides causing immense sufferings to more than ten lacs residents from Bahadderhat to Chaktai areas.

Besides, Moheshkhal, Mirzakhal, Birzakhal, Nasirkhal, Nazirkhal, Badatkhali khal including most of the drains of Chittagong City have been encroached illegally by the unauthorized persons. Moreover, those canals and drains have been filled up with mud and sand rolling down from the upstream of the canals.